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2/25/2021: Tom Stockley cookbook

"A Collection of My Favorite Things to Cook." with a forward by Frank Blethen.

Tom Stockley, as the wine writer for The Seattle Times during the industry’s earliest days, found himself at the epicenter of Washington’s transformation from ho-hum food producer to crafter and curator of wines that would eventually compete with the world’s best.

Stockley’s daughters discovered their father’s recipe journal among his papers after his death. These are the dishes of an adventurer and learner, in their earliest forms; these culinary experiments were served when guests came to call (and it seemed they were always calling).

Interspersed with a selection of his Seattle Times Wine columns, family stories and observations from many journeys, we the readers are invited to far more than a bystander’s view of the past. Through Stockley’s recipes, written in his own hand, we are urged to see what he saw, taste what he tasted—to know the deep-rooted satisfaction that comes from sharing good food and a delightful bottle of wine with family, friends, and strangers. The latter were merely friends Stockley had yet to meet.

Visit the website for more information and a peak inside the book, here.

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March 28, 2021. Featured in Pacific Northwest Magazine, there are edited selections from Tom Stockley's journal which became the book.
Beloved food writer Tom Stockley's journal gives insight into his effortless style and spirit.

The article in Pacific NW Magazine here.